8 Adorable Pokemon Plush Toys

Pokemon is a series of video games, trading cards, comic books, television shows and animated films. The franchise was founded by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and is now run by The Pokemon Company, which is a joint venture between Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures.

The Pokemon universe is home to a wide variety of fictional creatures that can be caught, raised, trained and battled by their trainers. There are currently over 700 Pokemon, each with their own unique appearance and personality.

These adorable stuffed animals are perfect for displaying, playing with and cuddling. They’re also a great way to add another piece of the Pokemon world to your collection!


The soft and squishy pink Pokemon, Clefairy is sure to be a favorite in any Pokemon fan’s collection. This cute, officially licensed plush toy from Sanei is sure to delight any young or experienced Pokemon fan!


If you’re a Pok√©mon Go player, you may have spotted this mythical Pokemon snoozing away somewhere in the wild. This 8-inch Snorlax stuffed toy from Sanei is the perfect way to bring this elusive catch home!


Squirtle is a popular light blue Pokemon that’s loved by many fans. This squishy, officially licensed plush toy from Sanei’s All-Star Series is sure to delight any young or experienced Pokemon collector!


A popular, lovable character in the Pokemon series, Meowth is a must-have for any fan’s collection. This squishy, officially branded TOMY Pokemon plush toy is made of soft-to-the-touch polyester and features embroidered details for the ultimate cuddling experience.


Eevee has been one of the most beloved Pokemon characters ever. This officially branded TOMY Pokemon plush is made of soft-to-the-touch blue polyester and features a picture-accurate tail and cheeky grin!


Everyone loves Mudkip, and TOMY’s line of Pokemon stuffed animals features a variety of cute stuffed animals based on some of the most popular Pokemon from the show. This 8-inch Pokemon stuffed animal is made of a vibrant blue and orange polyester that’s incredibly soft to the touch and makes a wonderful addition to any aspiring Pokemon fan’s collection.


There’s no way to resist the adorable and lovable Sylveon. This official branded TOMY Pokemon plush is a squishy, 8-inch stuffed animal featuring an accurate representation of the beloved Pokemon Pokemon Plush Toys

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