A Dog Dewormer For Cancer Could Save Your Pet’s Life

As the number of cancer cases continues to rise, scientists are constantly searching for new methods of fighting the disease. While pharmaceutical medicine has made strides in the fight against cancer, it is still a long way from finding a cure. This is why many people are turning to other natural and alternative methods of fighting cancer. One such method comes in the form of a dog dewormer for cancer that is becoming increasingly popular.

According to several reports, Fenbendazole (commonly known as Panacur C) has been effective in the fight against some cancers in humans. A video posted to TikTok and Facebook by a veterinarian named Joe Prescott claimed that the drug cured his advance lung cancer. While his claims are unproven, cancer researchers have begun to take notice of this dog dewormer for cancer medication.

The vet’s explanation for this anti-parasitic’s success in battling cancer was that it worked by targeting a specific gene in the body. He explains that most dogs with osteosarcoma-the bone cancer that is often found in large breed dogs like Scotties and Westies-carry a mutation in the BRAF gene. He states that the drug targets this mutation and changes the environment inside a tumor to prevent cells from receiving the signals they need to thrive.

This theory is further supported by the recent discovery that a certain type of immunotherapy has been able to target the BRAF mutation in human cancer cells and cause them to die off. Despite this, it is still a controversial topic that has left many scientists skeptical of the claim, however, they do not dismiss it completely. We at Vitality Science are committed to providing a scientifically-backed approach to holistic pet care, and we believe that a combination of a diet rich in premium vitamins and minerals as well as this dewormer for cancer could help our beloved pets get healthier and live longer.

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