Angel Figurine Collection

Angel Figurine Collection are not only beautiful to have, but they can also inspire you and uplift your spirits. They are great to give as gifts for friends and loved ones because they can bring a sense of hope and peace to them. In addition, they can also serve as a reminder of the presence of God in their lives. You can even have them in your home as a decoration to add a more solemn and spiritual ambiance. Moreover, collectible angel figurines can divert your stress and keep you busy during long afternoons.

For those who are into collecting angel figurines, you can choose from a wide variety of collections by different artists. For example, Karen Hahn offers a range of elegant angels with special meanings in her Foundations Collection. She also makes stone resin angels with a high-end look. These pieces feature intricate details and delicate facial features. You can choose from her angels that represent the four seasons, holidays, or angels of love.

Another notable angel figurine collector is Lladro, which is known for its high-end porcelain creations. The company was founded by three brothers in 1953 and has more than 60 years of experience. Its porcelain angel figurines are renowned for their beauty and detail. They are a must-have for serious collectors. The collection includes angels of many different poses and styles. Some are sculpted as guardian angels, and others feature children or cupids. The company is also renowned for its religious figurines.

Other popular angel figurines are those produced by the Willow Tree line of products. These sculptures, which were first introduced in 1994, are designed by Susan Lordi to inspire people and uplift their spirits. They are made of high-quality resin and hand-painted with an angelic theme. Some of the angels in this collection feature wings that glisten with glitter. The company also produces a line of cherubs and angels with children.

There are a number of other collectible angel figurines to consider, including those from the Thomas Kinkade Alzheimer’s Charity Angel Figurine Collection. This unique limited-edition collection offers a heart-shaped faux gem as the centerpiece of each figurine, while pearlescent white wings shimmer with glitter and cascades of forget-me-not flowers, which symbolize remembrance, compassion, and hope. A portion of each sale is donated to Alzheimer’s research.

African American angel figurines are a wonderful way to add diversity to your collectible shelf. You can find these items at Black Art Depot, and they include the Peace Angel, Love Angel, Praise Angel, Thank You Lord Angel, and God Bless This House Angel. Each one features a different sash that represents the color of the angel. You can also purchase a set of 4 African Angel Ornaments at a discount.

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