Benefits of Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process of discussing and resolving disputes between families with the aid of a trained mediator. It is a private, confidential process that can save participants time and money, as well as preserve or improve relationships, which are particularly important where children are involved.

Family mediators are specially trained to facilitate discussions between parents and other family members to help them come up with a solution that is best for all parties. The process can take place face to face, online or in separate sessions and can involve lawyers. Family mediators are also encouraged to focus on the welfare needs of any children involved and encourage both parties to communicate with one another in a way that is respectful, supportive and non-threatening.

The most significant benefit of Family mediation is that it helps to reduce conflict and preserve a cooperative relationship between parents, which is healthier for the children. This is especially beneficial if there are ongoing disputes between the parties that can’t be resolved through other means, such as litigation. Creating custom solutions through the mediation process can often be more flexible and easier to comply with than court-ordered solutions, which are typically binding and require ongoing legal review.

Mediation can be completed in a single day or in a series of shorter sessions, depending on the needs of each individual case. It is recommended that you prepare before the session, bring any documentation or information you may need to discuss and try to get plenty of sleep the night before, so that you can be as clear-minded and focused during the meeting as possible.

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