Best Rated latest Refrigerators to buy in 2015

This write-up brings you the various refrigerators that you should buy this year.Giant refrigerators have been a rage this year at CES. If you are into buying many groceries or you are too carefree about the stored eatables. Godrej,Guest Posting Haier, LG, Samsung and Whirlpool are coming with double door refrigerators that are convenient and helpful.While shopping for these you might get tempted to these useful appliances for your home. So, get your story here to some of the recently launched double door refrigerators.1)Godrej RT EON 260 P 2.3 (Price: Rs. 22431)It comes with various shelves to keep food fresh. The shelves are designed with air vents to keep cooling effective.You can now experience quick cooling as this latest model of godrej refrigerator is integrated with Cool Shower Technology. It has silver icons in its duct with anti-B technology that keeps the food germ-free. It is also 100% free from CFC, HCFC and HFC.Tech SpecsTechnology: Frost freeStar Rating:2Shelves: 3Storage: 200-299 ltrNo. of drawer: 1 to 52)LG door-in door fridgeDoor-in door fridge is new to LG its mega capacity LPXS34886C. The appliance features a sealed compartment that does not allow any cool air venting out from the storage space.This appliance is LG’s reigning 32 cubic feet and ups the ante by 2 cubic that delivers 34 cubic feet of chilled air. It offers left and right compartments with lever at the bottom of the panel and comes with black glass finish that prevents fingerprint marks.Tech SpecsCapacity: 33.5 Cu. Ft.Design: Sleek curved glassVolts: 120Other features: Door alarm and LED lights3) Haier HRB-340 3BS Bottom Mount (Price: Rs. 25730)This new Haier’s frost free refrigerator comes with a golden ratio design that makes it 75% fridge and 25% freezer capacity. Its 1 Hour Icing Technology, in shortest time gives nutrition to food. Its super twist ice maker for 32 cube can handle more than more cubes at one time.It has digital temperature setting with with touchable display. Its upper half shelf is foldable that is best for managing space.Tech SpecsShelves: Tough glass shelvesCapacity: 320 ltrStar rating: 3Key feature: 1 Hr icing technology(HIT)4)Samsung 446 Ltr RT45H5809SL/TL (Price: Rs. 54952)With this model of Samsung, you can use Samsung, new smart freezer gives you more fridge space with which you can convert freezer in to fridge. You can turn it off when not in use. There are 4 adjustable guards that organizes your food items.This time Samsung has redesigned the interior to give a clean and hygienic look. For exterior, the fridge comes with Blue LED digital display with enhanced design.Tech SpecsTechnology: Frost freeStar rating: 3Shelves: 2Height: 1730 mmStorage: 446 ltr5)Whirlpool NEO IC55 Deluxe (Price: Rs. 19943)This model is a great launch to the segment of twin refrigerators as it is equipped with unique features. It is highly energy efficient that gives better performance with less power consumption. dometic cooling units

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