Bimatoprost Review

Bimatoprost is an eyedrop medication that has been shown to increase the length and thickness of your eyelashes. The medication works by mimicking a certain prostaglandin that is naturally produced by the body. This chemical helps drain fluid from the eyes and lowers eye pressure. The medication was originally developed to treat ocular hypertension, but it was discovered that it could also cause the lashes to grow longer and thicker. It is a topical treatment, and it is applied to the skin around the eyes once nightly. It is recommended that you apply the drops to the skin of your upper eyelid margin at the base of your lash line only.

Unlike many other lash growth products, the drug used in this product is approved by the FDA and has undergone extensive clinical trials. It has been found to be safe and effective for use on the skin surrounding the eyes. However, you should follow the instructions on the packaging and consult a doctor before using this treatment.

You should not use this medicine if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients. Also, you should not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as it may harm the unborn baby. If you are unsure whether this medication is safe for you, consult with your doctor and pharmacist.

This eyedrop is available in the UK under the brand name Latisse, a prescription only medication for hypotrichosis (thin eyelashes). In studies, it has been found that applying the solution daily to the base of the upper eyelid for 16 weeks doubles eyelash fullness. The active ingredient in the product is bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml, which is a prostaglandin analogue. It was previously used to treat ocular hypertension, but has since been shown to increase the growth of eyelashes when applied directly to the skin at the base of the lash line.

The primary efficacy end point was met for both the chemotherapy-induced and idiopathic subpopulations of patients at month 6. The mean ESQ Domain 2 score increased more rapidly in the bimatoprost group than in the vehicle group through Month 6; however, a similar level of improvement was seen between groups after the switch from vehicle to bimatoprost at Month 12.

In general, side effects were confined to the eye area and usually mild to moderate in severity. The most common was itching of the eyelids (itchiea). Other side effects included redness of the eyes and conjunctivitis.

You may also notice that your eyelashes or eyelids change color or grow lighter or darker. These are not serious side effects and they should go away once you stop using the medication. If you do not like these changes, ask your healthcare provider about other medications that work the same way but are free of benzalkonium chloride.

Before you start using the product, it is important to clean the tip of the dropper with alcohol or another cleaning solution provided with the product. This will help reduce the risk of contamination and prevent infection. You should also avoid touching the dropper to your eyes, hands or other surfaces. If you do, the liquid may get on them and cause an itchy or watery eye. bimatoprost uk

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