Buying New and Vintage Rugs

A rug is a foundational piece that can help define and ground a space while also softening the floor and improving the auditory quality of a room by absorbing sound. Whether you’re a fan of a shaggy rug or flat weave, it’s important to consider the color scheme, the amount of foot traffic that will be on the rug (which determines its longevity), and how the rug will look with your existing furniture before making a purchase.

Vintage rugs offer a unique dance between class, fashion, and elegance while providing textural interest and adding warmth to a home. These one-of-a-kind treasures are usually woven of natural fibers like wool or cotton, but there are synthetic rugs available as well. A vintage rug can be an easy way to elevate a dining area, living room, bedroom, entryway, or kitchen while protecting your hardwood floors.

When shopping for a vintage rug, it’s important to remember that they are one-of-a-kind and should be treated with the same care as any other rug in your home. Look for a clean and undamaged piece. A few scratches and snags are okay but excessive wear may be less so. If you spot a rug that’s been damaged or is missing an area, it’s important to ask the seller how much it would cost to have it repaired and whether or not it’s worth it for you.

If the repairs are too costly or won’t bring it back to near-perfect condition, then you should skip it. Instead, look for a vintage rug that’s in good shape or has the potential to be restored at some point in the future.

While some retailers sell only new rugs, others specialize in antique and vintage styles. 1stDibs, an online marketplace founded in 2000, strives to create the feel of a Parisian flea market and connects shoppers with vetted sellers and makers. They offer a price match guarantee, buyer and fraud protection, and insured global shipping to make the purchasing process stress-free.

This site offers a wide variety of handmade rugs, both modern and vintage, with options for every budget. Their vintage rugs are curated by style, region, and color to make it easier for shoppers to find a perfect fit. One Kings Lane also carries a selection of vintage rugs. Their rugs tend to lean more towards transitional or traditional styles, with some offering bold, geometric patterns.

Aside from the vast selection of hand-woven and machine-made rugs, this retailer also has a small collection of vintage kilims. Josh has taken great pride in cultivating this collection of kilims because he believes that these vintage pieces are some of the best in the world.

These hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive on this list, but they’re a beautiful way to bring an authentic piece of history into your home. They’re crafted of wool and dyed with all-natural colors. They’re repurposed from preexisting rugs and undergo a careful process to ensure that the final product is as flawless as possible. They’re also a green option for your home, as it cuts down on the resources used to make a brand-new carpet and keeps material from going into landfills. runner rugs

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