Care at Home Dorchester

Care at home Dorchester provides individuals with reliable and consistent home health services. These services are tailored to each individual’s needs and can include anything from companionship visits to assistance with daily tasks such as washing, shopping, cooking or taking medication. Home care is generally more affordable than moving into a care home and offers one-to-one support with a highly trained and fully checked caregiver who lives in your own home.

In Dorchester, the car boot fund gives local community and voluntary groups the opportunity to apply for funding from the proceeds of weekly car boot sales in the town centre of Dorchester. Those who receive funding will be able to spend the money on projects that benefit their local area. In 2022, the Dorchester Market Car Boot Fund awarded over PS23,000 to community groups in Dorchester including Freewheelers Emergency Medical Couriers who received PS2,500 towards their core running costs and Homestart West Dorset who will use their grant to buy a bench for the residents of their home.

Matt Malloy of Ocean Street in Dorchester wants to buy an electric car, but the city’s zoning rules forbid him from parking his vehicle on the street. He thought he’d get around that by running an extension cord from his front yard to the curb where the vehicle would sit to charge, but the city nixed that idea and threatened him with fines. He found relief at a hearing today when the Zoning Board of Appeal unanimously agreed to let him cut into the sidewalk and build a “mini-driveway” so he can plug in his EV. Care at home Dorchester

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