Choosing a Kids Night Light

A kids night light provides a sense of safety and security to children who may be anxious about the dark. They can also help set a bedtime routine or alleviate fears of monsters lurking under the bed.

They’re Available in a Wide Range of Shapes and Styles

A kids night light doesn’t just make the bedroom safer, it can also add a touch of fun to their space. From colorful string lights to magical moon light projectors, there’s a variety of shapes and styles to suit every child’s tastes.

Sleeping in a room that feels safe is important for a growing toddler, so incorporating a night light into their bedroom can be a great way to encourage them to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. You’ll want to choose a light that’s bright enough for them to see in the dark, but not so strong that they’re worried about waking up or moving around.

It’s best to choose a dimmable night light, so your child’s eyes can adjust to the light. It’s also good to buy a model that’s made of materials that are soft, warm and comfortable to the touch.

This battery-operated owl from Skip Hop can be plugged into the wall or a USB port to keep it running throughout the night. It comes with a handy handle, which makes it easy for your little one to grab, and its LED technology keeps it cool so it won’t burn their hands or face.

The night-light glows a red color that helps your child’s body produce melatonin, which is the chemical responsible for regulating their sleep cycles. It can also be used to project a soothing image on the ceiling.

Parents love that it can be dimmed and adjusted to any level of brightness. It also has a timer that shuts it off after a certain amount of time.

It’s also a great choice if your little one needs an extra layer of light in the middle of the night to navigate their room or to go to the bathroom. It’s powered by three AAA batteries and can be positioned anywhere in your child’s room, making it a perfect addition to their bedtime routine.

They’re also a great addition to any child’s travels. This ice cream cone-shaped night light can be recharged by using a USB cord and is BPA- and lead-free. It’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you on vacation or a trip to the doctor.

Some models also feature timed music and lullabies that can help your child get into a sleepy groove. Other night lights come with a remote control that lets you change the mood and lighting effects as needed.

A Kids Night Light That’s Perfect For Them

It’s important to have consistent sleep habits at a young age, so it’s a good idea to pick out a kids night light that your child can use for years to come. You can find many that feature adorable characters and designs that are reminiscent of their favorite childhood toys. kids night light

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