Choosing an Outdoor TV Lift

An outdoor tv lift is a great way to elevate your television and bring it to the center of attention. They are designed to protect your TV from the elements and provide a safe viewing experience for your family and guests. They also offer more flexibility than other types of televisions. You can install them in a wide variety of spaces including backyards, patios, pools, and even near hot tubs.

When choosing an outdoor tv lift, you should look for one with a high safety rating. A good quality one should include a contact strip and an anti-collision monitoring system. The former prevents the lift from moving if someone accidentally releases the remote-control button. The latter is a programmable feature that monitors the amount of power being used by the lift. It will stop the motion of the screen if the amount of power rapidly increases. This is usually a telltale sign that an object may be in the way of the screen movement.

Aside from being functional, a good quality outdoor tv lift should also be attractive. Some models are designed to blend in with the landscape, making them easier to integrate into your backyard design. Others are made from a durable plastic and have a lid that deflects rain, dirt, and dust. The lid should also have a built-in overhang to protect the mechanism from falling objects. Lastly, you should consider the weight of the lifting mechanism when purchasing an outdoor tv lift.

If you’re looking for a stylish, contemporary lift cabinet that can accommodate large flat screens, check out this option from Hinterland Supply. It has a sleek, minimalist design that would look perfect in any modern backyard. It comes in various neutral colors, including charcoal, mocha brown, and nutmeg. The Nexus lift system allows you to lift your TV up to a comfortable viewing height with just the touch of a button. The cabinet also has a built-in power box and a quality Xantech remote repeater system that lets you use any IR remote to control the lift’s functions.

Another outdoor tv lift worth considering is this one from Cabinet Tronix. It is designed to hold flat screens up to 77 inches, and it’s built with kiln-dried IPE Brazilian wood that’s able to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors. The cabinet has a swivel mount that can rotate 360 degrees, and it includes a sound bar shelf for additional entertainment options.

Unlike many other types of outdoor TV cabinets, this model features a fully encapsulated mechanical lift system. This makes it easy to protect your TV from moisture, dust, and debris, as well as make it more accessible to people with mobility issues. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to move around your patio or backyard. It’s also a great choice for backyards with limited space, as it can save room by providing more seating options.

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