Christian Wedding Rings – All About the Symbolic Meaning They Come With

Wedding rings are a must in any wedding, especially where the Christians are concerned. It is a symbol of unity with, love for and commitment to another person. But do you know that these rings actually have pagan roots?

The history of them is just like the rings themselves: it has no beginning and no end. Without an exact specific time as to when they came about, rings for weddings were first worn by the ancient Romans. These rings, although they were merely called as “finger rings”, were used to “tie” or bond people not just with their own social class, but also to their marital partners. Specifically done in the betrothal ceremonies, the groom will give a plain iron finger ring to the bride’s family as a symbol of his commitment to financially support the bride. If you are wondering why betrothal ceremonies and not wedding ceremonies, it is because the betrothal is more elaborately celebrated than the wedding.

The belief of the “finger ring” or “betrothal ring” stemmed from a much older time when a man would tie cords around the waist, wrists and ankles to a woman that he has fallen in love with to make sure that she and her soul will be under his control. It was later on that the Christians of Rome adopted the “betrothal ring” and incorporated it in their wedding ceremonies. Isn’t it amazing how something so pagan be involved with Christianity?

Christian wedding rings do not differ largely in meaning from the Romans’ betrothal rings. Even if nowadays the groom gives and slips on the ring to his bride instead of the bride’s family, the act means almost the same: a symbol of his commitment to his wife not just to financially support her but also to love her. Another meaning for such act is that groom and the bride are laying claim of each other. Just like what the pagans were “saying” but only this time, the bride is doing the same thing.

Christian wedding rings have gone beyond the simple iron rings that the Romans had. It used to be that they are either made of gold or silver and are just plain. These days, rings can be made of other materials, too, such as titanium and platinum. They have gone way beyond the simple band since now, they have designs that can be intricate and have stones, such as diamonds and pearls, set on them.

Christian wedding rings have even gone way beyond what is conventional. Lately, tattooed wedding rings have come into practice for some. Although some conservative church leaders have a thing or two to say against it, these rings still say the same thing as the usual rings: commitment and love for another person. You see, no matter what form they take or design they appear in or material they are made out of, rings for weddings are all about the symbolic meaning that they come with. Birthday earrings

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