Some Basic Types Of Jewelry

The term Jewelry is derived from a word Jewel. Today there are various types of jewelry available in the market. If you are fond of collecting different design and types of jewelry then this article is really going to help you because in this article I’m going to describe some basic types of jewelry. Costume Jewelry: Costume jewelry is also known as junk jewelry,Guest Posting fake jewelry and fashion jewelry. The costume jewelry was introduced as a cheap jewelry in 1935. Basically costume jewelry is made up of less expensive materials like plastics, synthetic stones, glass etc. It is very cheap as compare with other types of jewelry but it is very attractive. It adds style or beauty in a personality. Costume jewelry can be made up of different types of materials like glass beads, silver and some semi-precious stones. Nowadays, costume jewelry is also made up with precious metals. The value of metal used in the costume jewelry creates a very big difference between cheap and relatively expensive costume jewelry.

There is some antique costume jewelry is also available today. Antique costume jewelry adds elegance in a personality and it will also add some royal touch. Various kinds of antique costume jewelry items are available like earrings, bracelets, bangles and rings. Pearls Jewelry: Pearl jewelry has a very classic look and it has the ability to attract any kind of woman. Basically pearl jewelry has a magical look because of the natural look of pearl. Pearls are naturally created by the oysters. Pearl jewelry is available in various shapes and colors. The most common shapes of pearls are button, coin, rice, potato, oval, circle and many more. Usually fresh water pearls are used in the manufacturing of jewelry. Fresh water pearl jewelry is available in almost every color. The pearl jewelry is very classy and it is also not very expensive like gold and diamond. Luxurious Jewelry: The luxurious jewelry is usually made up of expensive materials like gold, platinum and diamond.

The luxurious jewelry is manufactured by the big brands of jewelry industry like Cartier, Bvlgari, Oscar Heyman and many more. These brands are specialists of jewelry designing which can be made up of diamond, gold and platinum. This kind of jewelry can easily range from some hundred dollars to 2 million dollars. A ring that can be gifted by an actor Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez is cost about a million dollar. Most of the luxurious jewelry can be made up with extremely detailed and ornate designs. Some people also buy expensive jewelry for investment because we all know that the value of gold, diamond and platinum is increasing very rapidly. Gems Jewelry: Nowadays gem stone jewelry is gaining popularity very rapidly because of two reasons. The first reason is their size and second is their unique colors. Usually gem stone jewelry is not very pocket friendly and their price is more than costume jewelry. The cost of the gem stone jewelry depends on which kind of gem stone you are using in your jewelry. The famous gem stones which can be used in jewelry are opals, ruby, topaz, diamond, spinals and aquamarines. Commercial space for rent in Qatar

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