Conservatory Roof Replacement – Transform Your Conservatory Into a Fully Functional Room

It may be a decade since you’ve installed your conservatory and some of the original features have begun to fail. While minor issues such as leaks and condensation can be dealt with, frequent problems might be a sign that it’s time for a conservatory roof replacement.

Conservatory roof replacement can transform the space into a fully functional room and add value to your home. It can be far cheaper and simpler than a complete rebuild and avoids the demolition costs of building an extension from scratch.

There are a number of options available to those looking to replace their conservatory roof, depending on their requirements and budget. Glass roofs are the most popular choice, allowing you to retain your existing style and structure. Advances in glazing technology mean that new glass conservatory roofs are more thermally efficient than ever before, keeping the space warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Additionally, modern glass roofs can be glazed with self-cleaning coatings that help to keep the space cleaner for longer.

Polycarbonate is another common option for those seeking a replacement conservatory roof. Polycarbonate sheets can be upgraded to a thicker sheet thickness, which significantly improves insulation and energy efficiency, helping you to make significant savings on your heating bills in the long run.

When choosing a tradesman to carry out your conservatory roof replacement, be sure to check their credentials. Look for membership of recognised trade bodies, ideally with the Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DWCOS). This will give you peace of mind that your chosen tradesman is highly qualified to work on your home. Conservatory roof replacement

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