Curly Hair Specialist Melbourne

If you’ve got a bit of a wild side to your wavy or textured locks, it can be tough to find a hairdresser who will really support your curls. Many salons only started supporting curls in recent years after they became popular on Instagram, and their inexperience often leads to results that align with the product-reliant misinformation they preach.

Luckily, there are many amazing curly hair specialists in Melbourne who can help you embrace your natural curl pattern and show off your gorgeous mane with flattering shaping and less weight in your locks. Whether you’re looking for a low-key trim or a whole new style, Airtasker can connect you with top-rated hairdressers who specialise in working with curls.

The team at Delilah loves curls! With diversity at their core, this salon is all about embracing each individual and helping them to be their best self. They’ll give your wavy or textured hair the love it deserves, and teach you techniques to keep your curls hydrated in between salon visits.

Located in a beautiful home studio, this little gem is run by two curly specialists with decades of experience. Their salon is the only curl-focused salon in Gippsland, and their customers leave with gorgeous haircuts and a renewed confidence in their hair.curly hair specialist Melbourne

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