Designer Kitchens

A designer kitchen is bespoke, designed to create a wow factor in the space. It can be a mix of cabinetry and features like seating, a hob or even a sink.

Designer kitchens should be efficient, hygienic, and equipped with top-notch appliances. They may include amenities such as double islands, integrated lighting, statement hood vents, or custom storage solutions. They also should reflect the homeowner’s aesthetic. Typically, they’re sleek and modern.

Choosing the right kitchen designer will depend on how involved you want to be in the process and whether you’re interested in working with an individual or a design-build firm. You can find certified kitchen designers (CKDs) through NKBA or other trade organizations. Some work independently or through a showroom where they represent one or more lines of cabinetry, flooring, or other products and serve as both designers and dealers.

During interviews, you’ll want to look at past design drawings as well as examples of finished kitchens. Ask the designer if they can show you computer-assisted designs and animation of your room, which can be a helpful tool for visualizing the layout and color choices. You should also be able to ask the designer about their process, their design philosophy and any other details that might help you decide if they’re a good fit for your project. For example, the type of work they’ve done in other rooms, including bathrooms, can offer insight into their style and expertise. designer kitchens

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