Divorce Lawyer in Haifa

In her early years, she was exposed to many different cultures through her father’s international job assignments and her experiences living in Israel. This has made her very fluent in several languages including Hebrew, Arabic and Italian. She also grew up in a family with a strong Jewish heritage and she is an ardent supporter of Israeli causes.

She began her career at an Israeli law firm, which led her to working for the large US based law firm Siskind Susser, where she became the leading family lawyer in the Memphis office. She has handled countless custody cases and understands how difficult it is to see your children being taken away. She often advises her clients not to get divorced unless there is absolutely no other alternative. However, she understands that there are some situations where it is impossible to reconcile such as the case of Rachel Avraham.

Avraham waited 18 years for her religious divorce, during which time she raised six children on her own, spent a huge amount of money on lawyers and endured endless hearings and court orders. She was finally able to obtain her divorce in 2006, but even then it was only on the condition that her husband would grant a religious divorce, and he did not.

During the course of the divorce proceedings, he repeatedly ignored requests from his wife to grant the divorce and instead continued to abuse her verbally and physically. In response, she petitioned the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem to reopen the property settlement, and it agreed to do so. This meant that he could be jailed for his refusal to obey the High Court’s ruling, and that his wife would regain control of their home and property. עורך דין גירושין בחיפה

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