DNA Activation – On-Off Switches For Genes

DNA activation is a profound spiritual experience that unlocks the dormant strands of our soul, and can lead to tremendous personal growth, increased intuition, clearer connection with your Higher Self, and alignment with your life’s purpose. It can also accelerate your journey and help you to stay centered during these times of rapid planetary change.

Researchers have discovered that pieces of DNA previously thought to be useless can act as on-off switches for genes. These sequences, called enhancers, are found in 90 percent of the genome and contain much of the information needed to locate and activate a gene in crowded conditions inside the nucleus.

The DNA-binding properties of the caged DNAzyme were restored by short irradiation with UV light (365 nm, 25 W). Incubation of RNA substrate with the irradiated DNAzymes D1 and D7 resulted in almost complete cleavage of the RNA, similar to that observed with the original uncaged DNAzyme. In contrast, irradiation of the DNA-binding domain of p460 alone caused no activation.

These findings indicate that p460 is required for binding directly to DNA in the absence of Ku and that a full DNA-PK complex requires both p460 and the Ku partner, confirming that the DNA-binding domain is essential for the activation of DNA-dependent protein kinase. Moreover, binding of p460 to DNA is specific for double-stranded DNA ends, as supercoiled plasmid DNA and single-stranded DNA in the form of poly(dA) or poly(dT) failed to activate the kinase.

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