Fenben Lab Fenbendazole

CAS Number: 43210-67-9

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Fenben lab fenbendazol is a cheap, widely available antiparasitic drug that’s commonly used as a dewormer for animals. It’s a member of the benzimidazole family of drugs that work by destabilizing microtubules. In cell cultures and animals, this action can slow down cancer cells’ growth. However, there isn’t enough evidence from randomized clinical trials to show that fenbendazole can cure cancer in humans.

The anecdotal story of Joe Tippens, a terminal cancer patient who claims to have cured himself by taking oral fenbendazole, raises many questions about this drug’s possible anticancer effects. His story, which has gained traction on social media, doesn’t appear to be credible. In fact, his anecdotal experience may have been triggered by other factors that aren’t being accounted for.

Tippens started taking fenbendazole after learning about its potential anticancer effects online. He is one of many people who claim to have cured their cancer by taking a variety of alternative treatments, including juicing, fasting, and colon detoxes. While these treatments aren’t backed by science, they’re often embraced by those with advanced cancers, because they don’t require conventional chemotherapy or radiation.

In a recent study, fenbendazole was found to have modest anticancer effects in human tumors. The drug stabilized healthy p53 levels, provided moderate microtubule disruption, interfered with cancer cells’ glucose metabolism, and induced cell cycle arrest. These results suggest that fenbendazole could be effective against KRAS-mutant non-small cell lung cancer, which is hard to treat with standard chemotherapy drugs.

Another antiparasitic drug that might have some anticancer effects is mebendazole. Like fenbendazole, mebendazole is a benzimidazole that works by interfering with the formation of microtubules. Cells establish their shape and structure through a protein scaffolding called the cytoskeleton, which is comprised of microtubules. Drugs that interfere with the formation of these structures can block important processes needed for cellular activity and growth, such as cell division and DNA replication.

Fenbendazole is available in liquid and granule form, both of which can be stored at room temperature. It’s a common dewormer for dogs, and it’s also used to kill whipworms, Giardia, and lungworms in cats. The granules are easier to swallow than the liquid. Panacur equine dewormer paste contains both fenbendazole and mebendazole, making it an all-in-one treatment for common gastrointestinal parasites in horses. It can be purchased at veterinary pharmacies and animal stores. The dosage is based on body weight and can be administered once or twice per day. It’s safe for pregnant mares, stallions, and foals. Fenbendazole is also a good choice for pigs and cattle.

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