Fire Damage Cleaning London

Whether you’ve recently had a fire in your property or have had smoke damage from previous incidents, you’ll need the help of professional smoke damage cleaners. Smoke is not only unsightly and corrosive but can be extremely difficult to remove from surfaces, furniture and personal belongings. It’s also toxic and inhaled long-term can cause respiratory problems.

Our fire damage cleaning london service is fast, reliable and a stress-free way to return your property to its pre incident state. We provide a comprehensive service including decontamination, cleaning and odour removal. Our team can work alongside your insurance company to ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

The fire damage restoration process should begin as soon as the fire services have declared the property safe to enter. We’re able to conduct an assessment of the property and its contents before drawing up a free decontamination estimate for you to submit to your insurer.

Our specialist cleaning equipment includes EcoBlasting, an environmentally friendly solution that uses compressed air and a blasting pot filled with an abrasive (for example, bicarbonate of soda). This is blasted from the hose onto surface areas, removing carbon and soot without any coatings or marking. This is an ideal technique for use on plaster, paint and timber surfaces. As one of the sole suppliers of Biosweep odour removal technology Ideal Response are capable of guaranteeing 100% odour removal as part of our fire damage cleaning services in London. fire damage cleaning london

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