Fire Pumps For Sale – Choosing the Right Fire Pump For Your Installation

If your building is protected by water-based fire safety systems, then a well-stocked inventory of portable fire pumps for sale will be critical to the system’s success. These crucial devices are responsible for increasing the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of a water source in order to supply sprinkler lines with enough water at an appropriate rate to keep buildings and spaces safe from fire and smoke damage.

The different types of fire pumps available on the market have many advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to understand the pump design that’s best suited for your installation project. The wrong type of fire pump can cause your sprinklers to suffer from an insufficient water flow rate which could lead to costly damage and a potential loss of life safety.

For example, if your installation is in a high-rise building or expansive space, multiple pumps may be needed to ensure adequate water pressure is delivered. In these situations, multistage multiport pumps are used because they feature a single-drive (electric motor or diesel engine) that connects to a casing that contains multiple series of impellers delivering different levels of pressure. Each outlet, or discharge port, is assigned a specific zone within the building and has a different maximum discharge pressure.

The right type of fire pump will increase the water pressure and flow of your sprinklers while also reducing the amount of time it takes to reach the desired water level. Feld Fire offers a wide variety of fire pumps for sale with varying power output, water capacities and pressure capabilities to meet your system needs.

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