Floyd Mayweather to Take on Miguel Cotto in an Exhibition on November 13

Floyd Mayweather to Take on Miguel Cotto in an Exhibition on November 13

The world’s best boxer, Floyd Mayweather, will be fighting in the next few months. He will be taking on a tough opponent called Miguel Cotto in an exhibition that will be held at the Las Vegas’s KSI’s Misfits Boxing brand. This is a great crossover bout, where both of the fighters will be competing for a large sum of money.

KSI’s Misfits Boxing brand will host the fight

Misfits Boxing, founded by YouTuber KSI, will host the Mayweather fight. The boxing organization has already hosted two shows. It has been a success and now it has teamed up with DAZN, a subscription service that offers pay-per-view boxing events across the world.

According to DAZN, the first show of Misfits Boxing attracted almost two million global viewers. KSI, who is the executive producer and CEO of the promotion, will also head the boxing card.

KSI and Dillon Danis were originally scheduled to fight. However, with only 10 days before the event, Danis backed out. He has a training partner in Conor McGregor. So KSI had to find a new opponent.

Dillon Danis is a Bellator MMA fighter. However, he pulled out of the scheduled bout with KSI.

With only a few days left before the main event, KSI had to scramble to find a new opponent. KSI eventually chose YouTuber FaZe Temperrr as his replacement.

KSI will also fight at the January 14 event. The event will take place at the OVO Arena in Wembley, England.

Misfits Boxing has been a boxing organization that’s been associated with the Sauerland brothers. They have produced some of the biggest fights in the industry, including an exhibition match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

It’s a crossover bout

A crossover fight is a fight between two athletes from different sports. The idea is to attract the fans of the various disciplines to the event, and it’s also a chance for fighters to learn more about other disciplines.

Floyd Mayweather has made a name for himself as an undefeated boxer. During his career, he had a number of high-profile exhibition bouts. But, the biggest crossover fight of all came in 2017 when he defeated Conor McGregor. It was marketed as the ‘biggest crossover fight in combat sports history’.

Though it was not the first, it certainly was the most famous. After a series of rumours and speculation, it finally happened. In August 2017, Mayweather and McGregor clashed in Paradise, Nevada, and they created an event that transcended the two sports.

There has been a lot of talk about a Mayweather vs McGregor rematch. While it’s not yet confirmed, it is likely to happen in December. If it happens, it will definitely be a showpiece.

Another notable crossover fight took place in July of last year. This time, it was a YouTuber fighting a boxing superstar. Although the hype is still rising, the fight may not be as big as it could be.

The most successful crossover fight of all time is likely to be the one between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Though they are both in the same weight class, they will have a contrasting approach to the ring. Their pugilism is bound to be a hit.

It’s an exhibition

Floyd Mayweather’s next exhibition is set to take place in Dubai on November 13. It is not part of the MF x DAZN series but will be aired on pay-per-view.

The fight will also feature British YouTuber Deji. He is the younger brother of YouTube star KSI.

The fight is not an official bout, but it’s still getting a lot of attention. It’s expected to bring in a lot of money, and is expected to be one of the most talked about sporting events of 2021.

Despite all of the money that he’s made so far, it’s clear that Mayweather doesn’t want to have to face Manny Pacquiao in a real fight. He has said he doesn’t plan on facing Pacquiao in a real boxing match, as he doesn’t want to tarnish his 50-0 record.

Mayweather will make his return to the ring in November, and he’s fighting the YouTuber Deji in a non-scored bout. This will be his first professional fight since August 2018.

Deji is a British YouTuber who isn’t a professional fighter. However, he has won a few boxing matches so he believes he can beat Mayweather.

Mayweather will be participating in exhibition fights on a regular basis. Earlier this year, he fought a sparring partner named Don Moore in an exhibition in Dubai.

While the fight went to distance, it was an entertaining fight. Mayweather floored Nasukawa three times in the first three minutes. Afterwards, his corner threw in the towel.

It was a good opportunity for the fans to watch an unbeaten fighter in action, and it’s not surprising that the fight was well-attended. But it isn’t as exciting as a real fight, and it was criticized by many.

It’s about money

Mayweather’s fight against Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor will have millions of viewers watching and betting. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s not the most interesting thing to watch. In fact, it’s incredibly boring.

During Mayweather’s previous fights, he’s won 60 of 84 judges’ scorecards in the final four rounds. That’s pretty impressive for a fighter who doesn’t have much experience, and it’s even more impressive considering the fact that he’s a seasoned professional.

When it comes to money, however, things don’t get any simpler. As a result, it’s not uncommon for boxing organizations to bust fighters who don’t pass drug tests. Ultimately, it’s up to the fighter to make it work out.

It’s hard to watch a fight where you’re not sure if the money is really going to benefit you. And, when it comes to Mayweather, it’s not unusual for him to make a lot of money in fights that he doesn’t feel like winning.

Money is a very strange concept. On the one hand, it’s a way to prove yourself to the world. However, it also gives you the power to choose your own path. But, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get what you want.

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