Football Betting – Learn About the Most Common Types of Bets

Football betting is an excellent way to turn a small wager into a large sum with a bit of luck and knowledge. However, before you start putting your money at risk, it’s important to learn about some of the most common types of football bets and how they work.

Betting odds and expected value

Betting odds are an important part of any successful football betting strategy. This is because they give you an idea of how likely your stake is to become a winning one. Moreover, you can also use them to determine whether the bet you have made is a good investment or not.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion is a popular betting system that is designed to maximise your profits. It works by calculating the probability of a particular outcome, and then choosing the percentage of your bankroll you should use to make the bet.

It is often criticized for its aggressive nature, but this approach can be very effective in football betting. The downside is that it usually requires a high stake, which can be risky.

Recency bias

A very important factor to consider when placing your football bets is to take into account the week-to-week results of each team. This will help you find the best value in the market and avoid the overinflated lines that are common in NFL betting.


Props, or proposition bets, are a fun and often lucrative way to place a wager on a wide range of outcomes. This can include anything from specific outcomes in a game to player performance. Saturday odds

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