Funny Dad Jokes For Kids

When it comes to comedy, there’s an art to crafting a joke that is both engaging and funny. The setup, build and punchline are all crucial elements in creating a quip that gets a laugh out of your audience—which is why comedians spend so much time perfecting their material. However, when it comes to a dad joke, there’s less pressure involved in delivering an audience-pleasing quip because these hilarious dad jokes are designed to make you and everyone around you groan up a storm.

From one-liners to corny puns, these funny dad jokes will get your whole family laughing together. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta. What’s the best way to keep a bagel from running away? Put lox on it. Why can’t Monday lift Saturday? Because it’s a weak day. What kind of music scares balloons? Classical.

These dad jokes are the perfect way to celebrate your own unique sense of humor or add some laughter into the lives of the children you teach. If you want to find more funny jokes for kids, check out this article that includes math jokes, science jokes, history jokes and grammar jokes. And be sure to share your favorite dad jokes with friends and family! We bet they’re just as groan-worthy as these.

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