How Long Does it Take to Reach an Agreement With a Divorce Mediation Service

Divorce can be very emotional and it can take a long time to reach an agreement on the issues involved. Using the services of a divorce mediation service allows couples to bypass the court process and save time, money and avoid unnecessary conflict. It’s also less stressful for the couple and children, a key factor when trying to minimize the impact of a divorce on everyone.

A professional mediator is an unbiased 3rd party that will assist you and your spouse in reaching a settlement on all aspects of your divorce. They can help you and your spouse negotiate a solution for custody, property division, child support and spousal support that is mutually acceptable to both parties. The mediator will advise you of the laws pertaining to these matters but ultimately it’s your decision to make.

The length of time it takes to reach an agreement in divorce mediation will depend on the issues at hand and how many sessions you’ll need with the mediator. The complexity of your case, how well you and your spouse can communicate and the amount of animosity between you will all be taken into account when determining how long it will take to reach an agreement.

It’s a good idea to start collecting important documents such as bills and bank statements prior to your first session so that you can bring them with you. Your mediator may also send you a form like this to fill out before your first session. It’s important that you and your ex-partner are honest about the finances in order to reach an equitable agreement.

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