How Real Estate Videography Can Sell Homes

real estate videography can sell homes, and they need to be compelling to grab attention. Studies show that buyers spend 50 percent longer watching walkthrough videos with proper pacing and beauty shots of detailed rooms.

Establish your expertise with insider-look videos that share market insights, buyers’ tips, and other content that helps build credibility. Creating these videos can be costly, but it’s worth it in the long run.

How Much Does a Real Estate Video Cost?

A real estate video showcases a property in much more detail than the typical real estate listing photograph. Whether a virtual tour or a drone video, the results are highly effective in helping sellers and agents sell properties. However, the cost of professional real estate videos can be expensive, depending on the scope and type of video shoot.

For example, a drone video requires specialized equipment such as a drone and a gimbal to stabilize footage and avoid unwanted camera shake. A drone license is also required, which adds to the costs of creating a drone real estate video. Also, the photographer must have a professional editing software to complete the post-production process. Finally, travel expenses are often necessary to reach the property, which can increase the final price of a real estate video.

Another important consideration is the time it takes to create a real estate video. This should be clearly communicated to clients before they book a session. A good way to measure the amount of time it takes for a real estate photographer is to keep track of the total editing time on each project.

Finally, it is essential to select the right music for a real estate video. A song that is too loud or has a high beat per minute count can detract from the message of the video and make viewers lose interest.

What Kind of Video Should I Get?

Real estate videos are a must-have for anyone who wants to attract clients and grow their business. These videos showcase properties in their most desirable form and provide a vicarious experience for potential buyers. They can include clear views of a property from different angles, highlights of special features, and even show the neighborhood and nearby amenities. They also often include an introduction from the agent and testimonials from past clients.

One-to-one video messages are also a great way to connect with prospective customers and build trust. However, it is important to use a high-quality USB microphone like the Rode USB Microphone or Samson Meteor Mic to ensure that your message is clear and understood. Additionally, you should avoid using too much text or images in your real estate videos, as these can distract from the main message.

Real estate testimonials are another great way to attract potential customers. However, it is crucial to make sure that the testimonials are genuine and from people who have purchased a property from you. In addition, you should also make sure that the testimonials are professionally filmed and edited. Finally, you should use high-quality background music that complements the theme of the video and does not distract from the speaker’s voice. Additionally, the background music should be copyright-free and easy to listen to.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Deal?

Real estate photography has always been a crucial marketing tool for agencies and buyers alike. But real estate video has added an extra dimension to the way properties are presented, and is a huge advantage for agents when they’re trying to attract attention.

A compelling video can convince a potential buyer to book a viewing, or it can be the final nudge they need to make an offer on a property. The right video can also help an agent persuade sellers to work with them, confident that their home will be presented in the best possible light.

There are many types of real estate videos, from virtual walkthroughs to aerial footage, but all of them should be crisp and engaging. The best real estate videos showcase a property from the best angle, and include music that subtly complements the message of the video (i.e., relaxing, calming, energetic). Video with narration performs 20 percent better than those without it, so be sure to include a voice over that guides viewers through the space.

Investing in real estate photography and videography will set you apart from your competitors, and is one of the most effective ways to grow your agency. But be sure to understand the process, and all of the costs involved, before you decide on a pricing structure for your services.

How Can I Make Sure My Video Will Sell My Home?

A professional-looking real estate video can generate leads and sell homes. It is the best way to showcase a listing and promote your services in a highly-effective manner. Whether you are a residential or commercial real estate agent, videos will help you achieve your marketing goals. 73% of home buyers prefer to work with an agent who uses video for listing their property.

In addition to high-quality production, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your real estate video is successful. First, make sure that the video is engaging and interesting. Use a storytelling approach to make the video more relatable to your target audience. Also, avoid using too many still images in the video. Potential buyers are more interested in seeing a video of the home than a slideshow of photos.

Another way to make your real estate video more effective is to include testimonials and case studies. This will give your prospective clients a better sense of what it is like to work with you. It is also a great way to build trust and establish credibility with your client base.

Finally, it is important to prepare ahead of time for your shoot. This can include a detailed storyboard that lays out all the coverage you’ll need for your video. It can also be helpful to bring along stabilizing equipment, such as a gimbal or selfie stick, to keep your footage steady.

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