How to Apply Pc Thermal Paste

Pc Thermal Paste
PC thermal paste (or heat transfer paste) helps move excess heat from the processor to the CPU cooler and out of the system. Available in easy-to-apply syringes, the PC thermal compound products we carry all use top quality ingredients and conduct heat very well. In addition, they’re available at many different price & performance points to match every budget and purpose.

Getting good performance from thermal paste requires proper application. Too much or too little causes poor temperatures. Spreading it manually with a finger can leave air bubbles that trap the heat between the processor and the cooler, reducing efficiency. It is also difficult to get even coverage with this method.

Using a syringe allows for consistent and accurate placement. There are a variety of methods to apply it, but a few important rules must be followed to ensure optimal results. First, make sure the processor surface and the bottom of the cooler are clean and free of grease and dust. Wipe them down with a non-lint cloth or a paper towel dampened with isopropyl alcohol. Then, dispense a small dot of thermal paste – no larger than a grain of rice – in the center of the processor. Then, spread it evenly with your plastic spreader. It’s best to start from the middle and work outward, rather than trying to do an entire circle, which may create an uneven and inconsistent layer.

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