How to Ask for a Raise and Back it Up With Data

How to Ask for a Raise
Managers are often overwhelmed with requests for more money from their employees, and the best way to make yours stand out is by backing it up with data. Documentation of your performance over the past six months or year is critical, as is salary research to demonstrate that you are not only doing a great job but also earning market-competitive pay in your position.

This data will not only bolster your case for a raise, but it will also show that you are invested in the company and that you’ve gone above and beyond in your role. This will give your boss confidence that if she decides not to grant your request this time around, there will be another opportunity to discuss it in the future when variables have been settled.

Be sure to present your case in a professional manner. This is not the time to whine about what everyone else makes or how much more work you do than they do (even if it’s true). It will only alienate your boss and could lead them to view your request as a threat.

Schedule a meeting with your manager to discuss your request. Ideally, this should be before you’re scheduled for your annual review or at the end of your fiscal year in June (when most cost-of-living or promotional raises are awarded). Make sure your boss knows your agenda ahead of time so they can prepare for the conversation. How to ask for a raise

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