How to Boost Your Productivity and Revenue With Social Network Software

When we hear of the words social network software or even social networking sites, we immediately think of friends, profiles, activities, and notifications. However, this is but a small part of a big picture. There are several ways to use social network software.

Some companies use social software for collaborative work. If your company is big and has several groups in it, you would want them to have their own space to work on. After all, not much can be done if all of them are tripping over each other. Social networks software can provide that space for you. Not only will it provide the space, it will also provide you with the tools to make their stay a whole lot more productive as well as enjoyable. You get social tools that include a guestbook, or better known now as the Wall. You can also set up their own group blog where they can share experiences, achievements, and each of them will be able to know just how much work the other has finished. And of course, there is the wiki. The wiki can be used for documentation. Each member of the group will be able to work on different parts of the wiki, finishing the work a whole lot faster.

Some individuals use social networks software for their personal work. There is no question that social networks software can easily boost your own revenue. Imagine having at your fingertips thousands of users that are grouped into easy to manage niches. These users can then be subjected to ads that will interest them. The end result is targeted ads that have greater potential to turn into sales.

This is the power of a social networking site. Whether you are a company in need of a streamlined solution for collaborative work or an individual looking for ways to send the most effective ads, the socials network software will work for you. If you want to create your own socials network, there are plenty of software available on the Web, both free and paid.

With a socials network software, you are in full control. You can control what goes on in the site, you can control branding – an important feature if you are into sales, you can control the design of the site, the rules, as well as the database. In short, a social network software creates a fully customized social site for you. One such software is Lovd by Less.

Lovd by Less is a social network platform based on Ruby on Rails. It has several powerful social network features such as blogs, photo galleries, search function for friends, an activity stream and even user-to-user messaging. It is stable and quite easy to use. Going live is as simple as creating a database and your web server. It also integrates with the popular video site YouTube as well as Flickr. If you want a simple, powerful, and free socials network software, you might want to check out Lovd by Less. SMM Panel Pakistan

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