How to Change Device Name on iPhone

How to Change Device Name on iPhone

The default device name that iOS automatically assigns to your iPhone is “iPhone.” This is helpful for identifying the phone when you plug it into a computer or someone wants to share files via AirDrop or set up Personal Hotspot.

However, you might want a more personalized name for your iPhone. Changing your device’s name is a simple process that will help you distinguish it from other Apple devices.

How to Change Device Name

The default device name that Apple assigns to iPhones can be confusing. It’s generally just a combination of your first name and the model of the device, which is fine from a naming perspective but can lead to confusion when exchanging files using AirDrop or Personal Hotspot.

However, it’s possible to change your device’s name so that you can have a more memorable name. This makes your iPhone easier to find, especially when you’re connecting to different Bluetooth devices or sharing files with others.

Changing the name of your iPhone is a simple task that can be performed on your smartphone or from your computer. Changes are saved immediately and iCloud will sync the new name to all of your other connected devices.

AirDrop is a native feature in iOS and OS X that allows users to send photos, videos, contacts, files and webpages between devices that are nearby. This feature works via a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and can transfer large files very quickly.

To share a file, open the content you want to send and tap the AirDrop icon that should appear under it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (five blue almost circles next to it). Apple devices nearby with their AirDrop settings set to Receiving Off on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Everyone on a Mac or Contacts Only on an iPad or iPod Touch will automatically show up under the file and be notified of its presence.

Aside from the convenience of AirDrop, it also poses a privacy risk because a cybercriminal can intercept the partial hashes that devices send to each other during an AirDrop exchange. This could potentially allow the criminal to steal your phone number, Apple ID and email address.

Find My

Changing the name of an iPhone is a quick and easy way to make the device more unique. It also makes it easier to identify your iPhone from other Apple devices like iCloud, AirDrop, and Personal Hotspot.

You can change the name of an iPhone on Microsoft Windows or older macOS devices using iTunes and Finder on newer Macs. Simply connect your device and navigate to Settings > General and About.

Changing your phone’s name will take effect via iCloud, AirDrop, Bluetooth, Find My, and Personal Hotspot. It will also show up on the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch in your list of friends.
Personal Hotspot

When you set up your iPhone for the first time, it automatically gets a default device name of “iPhone.” While this may seem fine from a naming standpoint, it can often be quite confusing if you have multiple iOS devices in the vicinity.

Changing your device name is a great way to help you keep track of which iPhone you’re using when sharing files with friends through AirDrop or Personal Hotspot. It’s also an easy way to make your device more memorable and personalized.

The new device name will appear on your phone as well as in iCloud, AirDrop, and other Apple services. Moreover, anyone nearby who’s scanning for Wi-Fi networks can see your device’s name.


If you’ve ever wanted to give your iPhone a more personalized name, this is possible. You can change the device’s name through iTunes or iCloud and it won’t affect any other settings.

When you first set up your iPhone, iOS gives the device a generic name that includes the first name of the owner. This name is used for identifying the device when it’s plugged in to a computer, when someone wants to AirDrop files or when you create a Personal Hotspot.

However, you might want to change the name of your phone if you want it to be less recognizable among surrounding devices or if you just want something more private. There are a few different ways to do this and they’re all pretty simple.

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