How to Change Your iPhone Name

How to Change Your iPhone Name

If you want to change your iPhone name, you can do so in a few simple steps. Your device’s name appears on networks, AirDrop, iCloud, your personal hotspot, and when you use Find My iPhone/iPad to track lost or stolen devices.

Changing your iPhone’s name is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make your device more memorable. Plus, it does not impact how you use your iPhone or tweak any existing settings.

1. Go to Settings

The name of your iPhone is used in a number of places, including AirDrop while sharing files, iCloud, and Personal Hotspot. If you don’t like the name that appears, you can change it.

The best place to do it is through the Settings app on your phone. To do this, open the app and scroll down to General > About.

You’ll see a Name field in the General section, which you can use to enter a new name. Once you’ve entered your new iPhone name, it’s saved.

The new name will also update automatically on your Bluetooth accessories, such as your AirPods. If you want to check out the names of other connected devices, you can view them in the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone.

2. Go to General

Your iPhone isn’t just a piece of technology; it’s also an extension of your identity. That means it broadcasts a formal, discoverable name to other Apple devices via AirDrop, Personal Hotspot, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more.

Changing your name is a smart way to keep your privacy intact, or just to make it easier to distinguish between different Apple devices. And the good news is, changing your iPhone’s name is as simple as a few taps in the Settings app.

First, launch the Settings app, then navigate to General. From there, you’ll see the About option. On this page, you can change your iPhone’s name by tapping on the Name option. Next, you’ll enter a new name, then tap Done to confirm your changes.

3. Go to About

There’s a reason that your iPhone has a name, and it might be time to give it a makeover. Changing your iPhone’s name will not only help distinguish it from its peers, but also make your device easier to locate in a sea of devices that are all linked via iCloud.

To change your iPhone’s name, open the Settings app and tap General. Next, scroll down to About and hit the name button. Then, enter your new iPhone’s name into the box, and you’re on your way to a fresh and sexier looking phone. The best part? The renamed device will immediately appear in all of your favorite apps, and you’ll never have to worry about it being confused for the old ol’ hunky dory again. Lastly, don’t forget to get the phone engraved for a truly memorable touch of class. This will make the phone truly yours for as long as you have an iPhone.
4. Go to Name

Changing your iphone name is one of the best ways to customize your iPhone. Not only does it give it a more personal feel, but it also simplifies the way you manage your device and share files with other iOS devices and computers.

Your iPhone’s name shows up in a few places including AirDrop, iCloud, Personal Hotspot, and Find My iPhone/iPad when you are searching for lost or stolen devices. You can change your iPhone’s name in settings or from iTunes if you want to do it from your computer.

Regardless of why you might be trying to change your iPhone’s name, it can be an excellent way to help people identify your phone, especially in crowded places. If you’re using your iPhone as a Personal Hotspot, for example, it can be difficult to figure out which device is connected to the network if it has a generic name like “iPhone.”

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