How to Choose a Handbag for the Spring Season

Spring is right around the corner, and it is a great time to find the perfect purse for the upcoming season.

Currently, purses with bright colors including orange, yellow and pink, copying nature’s own blooming palette, are popular. As far as styles, clutches are in abundance. However, this spring’s selection includes larger, envelope-type purses, many of which have a decorative framing around the outer edges. For gals who must carry tablets, books and snacks, extra-large hobo bags offer those advantages.

Another spring introduction can be defined as retro, in boxy shapes with heavy chains in lieu of straps. Regarding spring bag material, the universal element is rich texture. From glossy patent leather to sensuous reptile skin to metallic surfaces, these purses want to be touched. When designers add beads and fringes to a purse, it becomes closer to a work of art.

Regarding designer preferences, Valentino and Dolce& Gabbana use bold colors in pattern reminiscent of stained glass. Roberto Cavalli almost covers bags in neutral toned leather fringes. Viktor & Rolf and Michael Kors add extra-heavy gold chains to their feminine and delicate purses. Versace and Bottega Veneta have attached double arched handles to their line.

To determine which purse is best, many factors should be considered. Narrow down the choices of cost, size and style. Some ladies prefer a bag to coordinate with an ensemble, while others view their purse as a contrasting focal point. A good amount of women change purses almost daily; many others use the same one throughout a season. For a lot of folks, the number of purses they use will determine the cost range of each.

Where a certain percentage wants bags large enough to tote laptops and portfolios, just as many lean towards a purse so small and light, the user is not even aware of its presence, so size is also a concern. Women with young children normally do not have free hands, and find shoulder bags most feasible, but working women may be addicted to the classiness of a handbag or other classic styles.

The next concern is the interior. If a lady carries a good-sized wallet, makeup bag and other large items, a roomy tote bag works well, but if she carries many small, loose items, constant scrounging around the bottom of a large space is frustrating. Some gals strive for organization, and want compartments for credit cads, glasses, cell phone, and zippers to keep items separate, but this may annoy others who cannot remember where they put things. Buyers must check out the interiors of purses to see what offers the best for their needs, as many offerings are now available.

Material is important to many shoppers. Where some eschew animal skins, others refuse man-made products. For spring, many folks do not think a heavily textured surface is appropriate to the season’s lightness and delicacy, and believe that even leather and brocade-type fabrics are too heavy. This season offers a huge variety of fabrics and faux animal skins, so everyone should find a purse that appeals to them in this area.

Also, it does not hurt to consider a purse’s dimensions and lines in relation to the user. Every woman should look in a mirror with the potential purchase on her arm before buying. A small figure is not always flattered by a tote that looks half her size, just as a taller and heavier gal may look slightly larger clutching a teeny bag. A lady whose wardrobe consists of very casual outfits may like the look of a chunky bag with lots of adornment, but someone who must dress elegantly may think that such a bag detracts from her sleekness; she may want minimalism in her bag to keep attention on her clothing. Fortunately, there are such styles this season.

There is also the issue of bag use and straps. Anyone who has tried to juggle a drink, and/or a plate of appetizers, and clutch bag, then must shake hands, knows the importance of having shoulder strap availability for such times. Dressy bags with detachable straps, or those with straps that fit inside the purse, are more versatile. The same logic applies to straps that can be adjusted to suit a lady’s whim.

There are days when she may not mind a shoulder bag bouncing off her hip, and there are others when having her purse under her arm matches her look better. Although these options do not present themselves frequently, those women to whom this is important should look for purses offering this flexibility. They can be found in the new lines this spring. michael kors handbag sales

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