How to Convert an EU Shoe Size to a US Shoe Size

There are a lot of different shoe size systems in the world. Most shoe manufacturers base their shoes on their native sizing system, but some brands choose to use international sizing instead. It can be a bit confusing, especially when you’re shopping for shoes online. If you’re buying a pair from a European brand, make sure to check out their size conversion chart. It will help you figure out your true shoe size in EU, UK, or US sizing.

In general, US shoe sizes translate well to Euro sizing. For example, a men’s size 9 US shoe will be a European size 43 in most cases. Women’s US shoe sizes tend to be two sizes larger in Europe, so a women’s size 9 in the US will usually be a European size 42.

The biggest difference between EU and US shoe sizing is that Europe is metric based, while the US still uses imperial measurements. There is also a smaller gap between the different size increments in Europe than there is between the different US and UK sizes.

Many shoe stores equate each EU size with a UK or US size for convenience. However, this can be misleading and cause you to order the wrong shoes. It’s best to measure your feet using a shoe measuring tool or my free printable foot size chart and then compare it to the size conversion table above. If both methods give you the same results, that’s a good indication that the shoes will shoe size to us

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