How to Create a Youtube Playlist

A youtube playlist is a group of videos that you can play together. You can organize your videos by themes and categories so that it is easier for your viewers to find what they are looking for. This is a great way to share information, promote your brand and products, or simply entertain your audience. Playlists also make a great addition to a website or blog. There are many different ways to create a youtube playlist, but the most common way is by visiting your YouTube account and clicking on the three vertical dots menu next to any video you want to add to your list.

You will see a pop-up window where you can select the video you want to add and then click “Add to Playlist.” This will automatically be added to your list of videos. You can also add videos to your youtube playlist by browsing through the search results and clicking the plus sign to the right of any video. Once you’ve added your first video to your playlist, you can customize its thumbnail from the settings menu. It’s best to choose a thumbnail that entices your audience to click it when it shows up in the search results.

Then, click “New Playlist.” Enter a name for your playlist and select privacy settings (Public: everyone can see it on YouTube; Private: only you can see it; Unlisted: only people with the link can view it). After selecting your preferences, click CREATE.

Once you have created a playlist, you can edit it from the Library tab in your channel dashboard. Hover over the playlist title with your cursor, and a pencil icon will appear to allow you to change the name or add a description. You can also change the order of videos by dragging and dropping the video thumbnails up or down.

It is important to optimize your youtube playlists for SEO, just as you should do for your videos. A well-optimized playlist will rank higher in the Google search results, so you should make sure to include your keywords in the titles and descriptions of the videos you are adding to your playlist.

Another tip is to create a series of videos that tell a story. Your videos should feel like episodes of a TV show, and your viewers will be eager to watch the next episode to find out what’s going to happen. Keeping an open loop at the end of each video will also help to keep your audience watching your playlists.

When you are finished, share your playlists on social media and on your website or blog. A youtube playlist is a great way to increase traffic and attract new subscribers. Just remember to always provide a link back to your YouTube channel when you share a playlist.

Using YouTube Studio is an effective way to manage your youtube playlists and other aspects of your channel. YouTube Studio is a free web-based video platform that allows you to manage everything from editing, uploading, and publishing videos, to creating ad campaigns and optimizing your channel for search engines. youtube playlist

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