How to Do a Good Voice Over

Whenever you hear disembodied voices in film, TV shows and commercials or even when you listen to your own voice on the phone while put on hold, what you are hearing is called voice over. Voice over has been around since the first radio shows and continues to be an important part of media in all forms. It allows the viewer to hear a story or message from someone not present, and can also add emotion and tone to a piece of content.

The most basic requirement for a good voice over is a clear speaking voice. Avoid mumbling and shouting or speaking too fast or too slow, as these can create confusion for the audience. Also be careful with pronunciations, as regional accents or unique pronunciations can confuse audiences from other locations. It’s also a good idea to keep a pencil handy and make marks to indicate when you need to take a breath or pause. This will help you to keep your voice steady throughout the recording and can be a great cue for editors when putting the video together later on.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to read the script out loud before starting the recording. This can help you to warm up your voice and to find the perfect balance of volume, projection and pacing for the project. Finally, be sure to do a test recording before you start the actual performance so that you can ensure your equipment is working correctly and there are no microphone pops or other noises that might ruin the audio quality of the finished product. voice over

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