How to Do Do Voiceovers

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A voice over, or narrator, speaks over a video’s soundtrack to provide additional information, add context and character, or express unspoken thoughts. It’s a popular technique in film, documentaries, television, commercials, radio, and even video games. It’s important to write a script for a voice over and practice it beforehand. This is especially true when using a microphone, which requires specialized equipment to produce a clean, crisp sound. In addition to rehearsing, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating liquids (like coffee and alcohol); spicy or acidic foods; yelling; and smoking.

Inflection is also important. The way you read a script can change its meaning, so try reading it out loud at various speeds. This will help you determine the best pace for your voice over. It’s worth noting that different genres of videos require a different pace. For example, a humorous sarcastic narration would work well for a funny movie, but would not be the right fit for an educational documentary.

When you’re finished recording, listen for any anomalies (stuttering, humming, etc) or to make sure that your voice doesn’t overlap with the music in the background of the video. If necessary, adjust the audio in your timeline. Then, use Biteable’s simple video editing tools to fine-tune your video to perfection. If you want to learn more about creating high-quality videos, check out our video for business course.How to do do voiceovers

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