How to Elevate Your YouTube Game

Elevate your YouTube game
The higher your subscriber count, the more organic views your videos get right away. Increasing your subscribers is a separate goal with its own tactics, but it’s intertwined with boosting your video views.

Maximize your YouTube game by putting time into the details of each video: optimizing for search and creating compelling thumbnails. Titles and thumbnails are the determining factors that attract viewers and convince them to click, so it’s worth the extra effort.

Grab your audience’s attention early with an exciting introduction that makes them want to watch the whole video. Don’t make the mistake of letting your video turn into a meandering verbal essay. Keep your videos short and sweet, but never boring.

Encourage your viewers to share and comment on your videos. Having your viewers engage with your content will help you generate more views, channel subscriptions, and even in-game sales.

Create a schedule for your YouTube video releases and stick to it. This consistency will help you gain trust with your audience, and with time, you’ll see your views grow.

YouTube’s algorithm takes into account the average number of minutes people spend watching your videos. To maximize this metric, optimize your videos for search and promote the best ones on your YouTube channel page. Also, try to create a video that viewers will want to watch AFTER your popular videos—like a crossover, mash-up, or cover to add a little excitement to your audience’s gaming experience. Elevate your YouTube game

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