How to Find Free German Lessons Online

Whether you’re traveling to Germany, brushing up on German before your next job interview or just want to speak it for the sake of it, there are many lessons available online. Whether through tutors, classes or language learning apps, it is important to set goals and test yourself frequently to stay motivated. Keeping a journal or using an app to record new vocabulary and grammar rules can help you identify areas for improvement, celebrate accomplishments and stay focused on progress.

The popular language learning website Duolingo is free to use and has a variety of lessons available. It is a great option for beginners to get a feel for the language and learn simple phrases, like “My name is…” Depending on how much time you have available, you can find a lesson that fits your schedule and learning style.

If you have a little more time, Mango Languages is another good choice with a straightforward course structure that uses intuitive ‘chunking’ to teach vocabulary and grammar. It avoids lengthy grammar explanations and highlights lexical chunks in color to encourage repetition and learning of language patterns.

If you’re ready to tackle something a little more challenging, the free online course German Uncovered is designed to take learners from complete beginner to intermediate-level speaker by guiding them through a 20-chapter novel. The book also includes reading and listening comprehension exercises, grammatical study, and cultural understanding. German lessons

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