How to Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube is an interface where anybody can publish their video files and share them with other people. Its absolutely free to sign up in YouTube and having an account on YouTube helps anyone explore on anything with just a click. It has millions of visits daily.

People can upload,download and even comment on the videos shared. Kind of information that can be retrieved from YouTube is diversified.

It has music, marketing, tutorials, video-blogs, movie clips, news, current affairs etc.

It’s fun and exciting to let the world know about anyone’s experience, knowledge or could be any piece of information. YouTube has emerged as an important marketing tool for the business sectors to promote their products and valuable information online. People can affiliate and recommend pages or just blog their personal videos.

Technology can be user friendly and judicious only if it is used under proper guidelines. Although people upload their videos for personal and commercial purposes, sometimes their views are flat and almost non-existent. Here are few important tips people can keep in mind while uploading a video and get maximum views on YouTube.

Video file name should be the main key word
A sensible way of initializing and optimizing a video for the search engines is by saving the video file name or phrase as the main key word.

Frequent change of Titles and descriptions
Frequent change of titles and descriptions of a video with good keywords refreshes the video and accelerates the views also.

Appropriate Video labeling
Usage of too many one or two- letter words like ‘a’, ‘at’, ‘in’, ‘me’ etc should be avoided because search engines ignores such words. Hyphens should not be used lots as they are considered like minus signs. Quotation marks should be used to denote phrases or words that must be together or else YouTube reads them as separate words.

Video response
Posting video response of a video works great if similar or related videos are uploaded, stating its better quality, more information etc.

Link Click Leads
For any video uploaded on YouTube, the website link should be given in the beginning of the description so that viewers can see the link. When most of the videos are viewed, their links are also clicked.

Exploiting Share Functions
Linking the video with share functions for instance Facebook, MySpace, Twitter accounts draws quite a lot of traffic to the URL.

Re-discovering ideas
It has been proven helpful by visiting other video links and gain ideas in developing their videos by looking at the content, number of viewers, comments. At times, queries not answered can be taken up and build up new projects also. increase youtube comment likes

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