How to install an Android Car DVD Player for Mazda 6 2008-2012

Install a GPS aftermarket car radio head unit always easy,How to install an Android Car DVD Player for Mazda 6 2008-2012 Articles┬ábecause of the special harness customized to suit factory plug, so you do not need to modify the wiring installation. In addition, the new design of radio equipment is customized to fit existing dashboard, so it cannot cut anything dashes completely suitable. I’m Mazda 6 2008–2012 year owner. I love my Mazda 6, but once I hit the unfamiliar environment, I found it hard not to drive navigation. Mazda 6 radio is pretty good. But it also has some features. So I upgrade to the Mazda 3 Navigation. It was awesome, I would like to share the experience.



Last year, we provided to show how to install the Mazda 6 2008–2012 Radio and video, but it’s just the old model Mazda 6 2008-2012. To this end the Mazda 6 2008–2012 Nian radio plug and play installation. Install the new Mazda 6 2008–2012 years of GPS radio more or less the same as the old one.


You can see the new dashboard look Mazda 6 2008–2012 year:

If you have the same dashboard with my car, you can follow the instructions below.


In general, there are three easy steps to follow to install this Mazda 6 2008–2012 GPS in DVD player.


Remove the factory Mazda 6 2008-2012

Harness the power cord plug factory

Push the new Mazda 3 GPS into the dashboard and fix

The following is taken from the installation on the customer’s Mazda 6, because you can see it is not difficult to install some pictures. 1/4 to mm

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