How to Paint Diamonds – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re looking for a new hobby to enjoy or an addictive craft to get involved with, try diamond painting. This unique art form originated in Asia a decade ago and has gained immense popularity among crafters as a stress-free, relaxing activity that promotes mental health.

Often called paint with diamonds, this easy-to-learn and meditative creative outlet has become the next big thing in crafting. Whether you’re an experienced embroidery or cross-stitch artist or have never tried it before, this exciting craft will help you relieve stress while providing a sense of accomplishment.

The process is simple, but requires focus and a steady hand. Most craftsters say that working on their latest painting helps them melt away the baggage of the day and allows them to enter a calming state of mind. Moreover, the soothing effect is boosted by focusing on placing each tiny “diamond” into its proper spot. It’s no wonder that some crafters are known to spend hours or even days working on their projects!

To start your project, first lay out the canvas on a flat surface. Identify which section of the painting you want to work on first. Then, review the color-coded chart to see which colors you need to apply. You will find that each kit includes a plastic protective covering, a tray for your drills and an applicator (also known as a diamond pen). Some kits have round drills, while others feature square ones. Generally, beginners should choose round drills as they’re easier to place on the canvas and require less precision. However, advanced artists may prefer square drills as they create a more uniform mosaic.

Once you’ve arranged all your materials, roll out your canvas and carefully apply a coat of wax. Then, begin applying the diamonds one-by-one to the canvas. Make sure to follow the instructions on your chart and legend, as this will ensure that you’re placing the diamonds correctly. After each row is complete, gently press down on the diamonds to lock them in place. Continue this process until the entire piece is covered and then allow it to dry completely. Upon completion, you can apply a clear sealer to keep your painting looking its best. You can then frame it and hang it on the wall like any other artwork.

The best part of this fun and therapeutic hobby is that it’s perfect for individuals of any age, including children. It’s also a great way to bond with family members as you work together on a project that everyone can enjoy. Plus, you can show off your finished masterpieces to friends and guests. After all, it’s always a good feeling to hear that everyone in your social circle is eagerly awaiting their chance to admire your new creation! diamond painting shop

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