Ithmid – A Natural Stone Used to Beautify the Eyes and Eyelashes

Ithmid is a natural stone which when powdered is used to beautify the eyes and eyelashes. It carries unique health and medicinal benefits for the eye that no other kohl or beauty product possesses. Our 100% pure ithmid is crushed in fine powder and free from any other added substances, chemicals and preservatives. Our ithmid is reddish black in colour with tiny silvery specks and appears soft when ground. It is also a strong antioxidant and antibacterial. According to numerous prophetic narrations pure ithmid strengthens the eyesight, provides remedies for eye diseases and nourishment for the eyelashes.

Other types of kohl only carry superficial beauty effects and many of them contain harmful ingredients. Ithmid, on the other hand, has a profound impact on one’s personality and character, and enhances the majesty of the person. This is why the prophet Sl llh lyh wslm not only praised it but commanded its use.

A lot of people have been asking us what the chemical composition is of ithmid, but we have to remind them that kohl (ithmid) is not a single mineral but rather a category of rocks which vary at the micro level and at physical level. Different ithmid stones are found in different places like Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. Black ithmid is thought to be a form of Galena, while the red type in the Hijaz region is thought to be some form of iron oxide. All these variations can have similar chemical properties but it is important to note that they are not the same mineral.

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