Ithmid Kohl

Ithmid Kohl (also known as khurma) is an eye cosmetic and natural sun block. This type of kohl is made from an all-natural, non-toxic stone that has been ground into powder. It contains a range of minerals that have been proven to be beneficial for the eyes. It also has many other medicinal properties, including its ability to absorb the harmful effects of UV radiation.

It is narrated in numerous ahadith that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, used to wear kohl on his eyes. Some of these ahadith are saheeh and some are ad-Dala’il (strongly suggested).

The ad-Dala’il mention that kohl is very good for the eyes, that it brightens them, cleanses them, and helps them to grow, as well as strengthens their nerves and provides remedies for ocular diseases. It is also narrated that kohl protects the health of the eyes and keeps them clear.

One of the most important points is that kohl should only be used by those with eyesight that agree with it, because some types of kohl do not agree with certain eyes. Therefore, only use kohl that is made from ithmid.

There are many different types of ithmid kohl, but the most pure and authentic is that which is narrated in the ahadith to have a dark grey colour with some silvery specks. It should not be too shiny, as it can cause the skin around the eyes to become irritated. Ithmid Kohl

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