Jute Bags, Jute Totes and Jute Pouches – Various Jute Fabric Products

Jute bags are never out of fashion even in the market of various kinds of bags made from different fabric and designs. With more and more eco friendly emerging minds across the world, the jute bags are becoming increasingly popular as jute is considered as one of the most eco friendly fabrics in the textile industry.

Jute is the rough fabric having a very natural appeal. But with the new processing techniques very finer quality of jute fabric has been evolved that are called burlap or hessian. Whether used for making bags, as textile furnishings, in fashion industry, the jute is a very tough fabric that is the least affected by the changing weathers and take the fast colors.

Now coming back to jute bags, today these are used in all types of work be it for office, shopping or party as the jute bags are available in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. The closure of the jute bags can be zipper, Velcro, strings etc. Jute bags also differ in terms of color, weave and handle. Jute bag manufacturers keep on experimenting with these to give excellent jute bag to the buyer. So what you need will define the type of the jute bag.

Jute Bag Types

  • Shopping Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Pouches
  • Promotional Bags
  • Evening Bags


Jute shopping bags made from the jute fabric are very handy and available generally in large sizes to solve your shopping purpose. The color and handle vary with the shape of the jute shopping bags. Also you do not worry about the price as these are voguish items which are not expensive. From plain, printed to embroidered and stripes all can be found in this category of bags. You can buy the one that matches with your dress.

If you are going for the evening party then you can buy the bag that matches with your dress. The jute tote bags, jute pouches and jute evening bags can be the options for you. These come under the category of jute fancy bags. Jute pouches are without handle and mostly used for the parties. These are decorated with beads and sparkling diamonds and embroidery to further enhance the look. Under this category you will also find embroidered jute bags, beach bags and evening bags made from the jute fabric. Jute tote bags are the large bags with handles which are used to carry things like books, items that are used daily and some clothes. Jute totes are very in as there is the fashion for large bags now a days.

Many companies these days use jute promotional bags to promote their products or the company itself. On both sides of the jute bag the advertisement of the company in the form of logo, one liner, image etc is given. These specifications are customized and client specific. The gift idea of these jute promotional bags is getting very popular.

Even jute bags are also used as gifts. This Diwali you can use jute bags as Diwali gift idea. SO you can go with the jute bags for any occasion as these are strong yet inexpensive way to add style. MK shoulder bag

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