Kiddush Fountain – A Beautiful Way to Elevate Your Shabbat and Holiday Table

A kiddush fountain is a beautiful way to elevate your Shabbat and holiday table. It features a large goblet over which the Kiddush blessing is recited and a set of eight smaller cups for your guests to enjoy. When you pour wine into the central cup, it flows down through cunningly hidden pipes to fill the 8 small cups simultaneously. It’s a fun way to serve wine at a dinner party and kids of all ages will love watching the wine flow into each of the small cups!

You can also use these gorgeous fountains to serve non-alcoholic beverages such as grape juice or whisky for the Friday night prayer known as Chamar Medina. It’s a great alternative for families with children who can’t drink wine but still want to celebrate the Sabbath with the rest of the family.

aJudaica has the best selection of beautifully made silver-plated and aluminum Kiddush fountains for you to choose from. The styles range from simple, classic shapes to modern and sophisticated designs. Many feature stunning ornamentation such as beautiful filigree patterns or silver stripes. You’ll also find models that include images of Jerusalem or luscious grape designs. All of these designs are sure to add beauty and elegance to your table.

Our collection of luxury Kiddush fountains from the talented Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel will delight you. These are the kinds of items that you will pass down from generation to generation and will become cherished family mementos. They make wonderful gifts to commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding, Bar Mitzvah or for a simcha like a new home or new baby. kiddush fountain

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