Lag Screw Sizes

Lag screw sizes are among the most powerful of fasteners, making them ideal for applications that will experience intense load. They are distinct from normal wood, self-drilling or sheet metal screws because they have coarse, sharp threading that doesn’t cover their entire length and require a hole to be drilled before use. They are also typically used in conjunction with a nut to provide added strength and security in holding materials together.

While lag screws are generally made of steel, they can be found in other materials as well, such as stainless steel, for environments that require increased corrosion resistance. In general, hex lag screws have a single flat head that is wrenched, and the size of the head varies depending on the length of the screw. They are available in a variety of threads, and the head is hex shaped for ease of removal and installation.

Portland Bolt manufactures a wide range of hex lag screw sizes, ranging from 1/2” diameter up to 1-1/2”. We can provide nonstandard head dimensions or create custom tooling for special hex lag screw requirements. Additionally, we can provide a variety of finishes for hex lag bolts, including zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing and stainless steel.

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to refinish a table or a contractor who has a project involving concrete or other heavy material, the right hex lag screw can make your work easier and more efficient. Using the wrong size can lead to disaster, and it’s important to know which screw is appropriate for your application before you start drilling. Lag screw sizes

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