Matter Residences – Living in the Future

Located at Mattar Road in District 14 Singapore, matter residences is a freehold development comprising of 1 Block of 5 Storey Condominium with a total of 26 Units. It is a good choice for those who are looking to live in an area where the future is bright.

The smart home protocol Matter aims to unify the way devices communicate with each other, eliminating the need for each brand to create their own app or bridge to connect different systems. It will work with existing platforms like Appleā€™s HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, as well as other standards including Zigbee and Z-Wave.

To use Matter, you’ll need a Matter controller or Thread border router to help onboard and manage communication between devices, as well as control them and set up routines and automations. A Matter controller can be a smartphone (Apple and Android both support it), tablet, computer, or any device with a compatible smart speaker that supports the protocol (Samsung’s SmartThings Hub, HomePod Mini, and 4th-gen Amazon Echo are all expected to function as both controllers and bridges when Matter launches).

You can also expect many existing products to upgrade to Matter once the new standard is released. For instance, many brands have announced plans to include Matter support in existing light bulbs and thermostats (including GE Lighting and Philips Hue), and the smart doorbell developer Arlo Technologies is also joining the Matter Working Group to bring its smart security cameras on board. The Alliance for the Z-Wave has also developed solutions to bridge its devices into Matter, and chipmaker Silicon Labs is developing a multiprotocol system-on-chip that will allow you to transition from Z-Wave and Zigbee to Matter with minimal cost and effort. matter residences

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