Pick Up Lines For Flirting

Whether you’re trying to start a conversation on Tinder or approach someone at the bar, using one of these funny and cute Pick up lines for flirting is an excellent way to get their attention. Unlike some self-proclaimed PUA guides, I don’t claim that a single line will make a woman fall instantly in love with you or give you any guarantees of success (that kind of mentality is what leads to so many cheesy pickup lines that end up causing eye-rolls). The key to these flirty and funny pick up lines is energy. You need to deliver them with confidence and a playful energy that shows you have fun with them. This makes them feel more like a playful joke than an attempt at getting her number.

When done well, these lines will establish that you’re a guy who has fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously. This will make you stand out from the sea of men who aren’t bold enough to start a conversation and have no clue what they want from women (they just assume they can use a cheesy pickup line and that she’ll be interested). You also need to demonstrate that you’re genuinely interested in her and her interests, not just physically attracted to her body.

If you do this, these pick up lines for flirting will be fun and creative and make her smile, blush, or laugh (or go all heart eyes emoji). And they’ll be much more effective than those cheesy pickup lines that just make her roll her eyes.

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