Pilates Classes at Phytness HealthCare Wollongong

In a world where everyone is getting more and more exercise and fitness orientated it’s important to take the time out and find some balance. Pilates offers a low impact way to improve balance, core strength and flexibility whilst focusing on your breath and awareness of the body. It’s a great addition to your existing exercise program or even as a standalone activity.

At Phytness HealthCare we offer both traditional physiotherapy and clinical pilates in a fully equipped studio. Before commencing pilates a one on one pre-clinical assessment is conducted by your Physiotherapist to take into account your injury history, work and recreational activities. After the assessment your Physiotherapist will tailor a specific Clinical Pilates program to suit your needs. Your therapist will prescribe techniques or exercises that you can perform at home in between your sessions to maximise the effectiveness of the program.

Group based pilates are kept to a maximum of 5 participants to ensure a high level of personal interaction, feedback and guidance. We are true to the Joseph Pilates principles and focus on correct breathing, technique, mindfulness, centreing flow, concentration and precision. This is the key to achieving the amazing results that Pilates has to offer – not just a ‘monkey see, monkey do’ approach!

A combination of Pilates and dance inspired moves set to upbeat music – this class will get you feeling all the feels without the pain. We’ll use state of the art Clinical Pilates equipment including trapeze tables, reformer beds, Wunda chairs and wobble boards to challenge your muscles and encourage a strong core.

Designed specifically for women during the unique changes of peri-menopause and menopause this class promotes core strength, awareness and movement control. It’s a chance for women to connect and share their experiences and journey together in a supportive group environment. pilates wollongong

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