Powering Your Business With Solar Energy Solutions

Powering Your Business With Solar

As a commercial property owner, electricity bills are one of your largest overhead costs. Since your company is reliant on the commercial power grid, you are at the mercy of electric rate fluctuations. Sudden increases in your energy cost can create a real threat to your bottom line. Fortunately, by installing a Star Plus Energy solar panel system, you can significantly reduce your dependence on the commercial power grid and control the price of your electricity.

Each solar panel contains a semiconductor (often made of silicon). When exposed to sunlight, the semiconductor absorbs energy. This knocks loose electrons that then flow into an external circuit, where they are converted into a continuous current that powers your property. The resulting savings help reduce your electric bill and create an attractive return on investment.

When combined with energy storage technologies, solar power provides a comprehensive approach to energy production. In addition to lowering electricity prices, this technology mitigates greenhouse gas emissions and other dangerous pollutants. Each kilowatt-hour of energy produced also helps to offset the “urban heat island” effect, where urban areas can become warmer than surrounding areas due to asphalt and concrete that absorb sunlight and tall buildings that block wind.

Many localities, states and the federal government offer tax breaks, rebates and incentives to make going solar more affordable. These programs won’t last forever, so it’s important to act now. Our team can identify and apply for all applicable rebates, discounts and credits to reduce the upfront cost of your solar installation.

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