Reverse Image Search Engine | How to do a Reverse Photo Search

You must have heard about reverse image search,Guest Posting or at least, you must have thought about searching with more specific input than unsure words. And what is more specific than an image when you need to find something in particular?

You can search by an image with the Google photos search or any other reverse image search engine. The method of finding something with an image has become quite popular due to its effectiveness. Some of the reverse photo search engines allow searching from mobile devices as well as desktop computers. You can use a smartphone, laptop, or desktop to do a reverse photo search easily.


First, let’s be clear on what a reverse photo search engine is and how it works.


What is a reverse image search engine?


A reverse photo search engine is an online software tool. You can feed it with an image as input and in return get similar images and other information about the input. Reverse photo search is a convenient way to search as you can get the best results with this method.

In some cases, reverse image search is better than text search; you get exactly what you are looking for by searching with an image. When you search with texts you might be unsure of which words and phrases you should use to get the best result. But with the image search method, the image will get the exact results because the search engine looks for results based on the image content, which is more specific than text.


How to do a reverse image search on a desktop with a reverse image search engine?


Doing a reverse photo search on a laptop or desktop computer is fairly easy; you can use any of the image search tools or the good old Google images.

Here’s how to search with images with Google –

You can use any browser for searching by photos on a desktop.

  1. Go to a browser such as Google or Chrome and type “Google images” in the search bar.
  2. A new tab will open, click on the camera icon.
  3. Either paste the URL of the image you want to search with or upload an image from your computer file. You can also drag and drop the image on the tab.


Now, you can see the results generated based on the image you provided on display.


Reverse image search with SEOWagon’s Reverse Image Search Engine is also very simple.


  1. Go to this
  2. Upload an image or enter the image URL in the search box.


The tool will display Google, Bing, and Yandex: the three biggest search engines for images. From any of these engines, you can see the information relating to the image and similar images. affordable clipping path service

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